Calvary Kids

We exist to help kids discover God`s love

Who are We?

Calvary Kids exists to see children discover, develop and grow in their
faith by learning that God Loves Them, God Made Them and that They Can Follow God in an age appropriate way in an environment designed for them. ClubHouse is available for our Nursery-PreK friends where they will begin to lay a foundation of faith in their young lives. JumpStart is our Kindergarten-5th grade environment where children can JumpStart their faith by connecting with God.

• Age Appropriate
• Creative Bible Teaching
• Intentional Relationships
• Fun Environment
• A Safe Space for kids

Let us get to know you

We want to know how we can lift up your needs and what areas of ministry we can help connect your family to as you become part of the Calvary Family!


For Kids

HyFi Worship: Sunday 10:30am: An engaging Sunday morning experience where your children will learn that their Identity is Found in Jesus through Real Connection and True Belonging. Each week your kids will connect with God as we focus on 12 simple truths about who they are because of who God is. They will connect through Bible stories, energetic games and side by side learning where each kid will be able to belong, share and discover together.

Gospel Project Small Group: Sunday 9:00am: A place for kids to go deeper in their faith by studying God’s Word and engaging in spiritual disciplines. Gospel project is a study for kids that puts the focus on Jesus through a chronological study of Scripture in an interactive and engaging way that helps kids begin to live out their faith everyday.

Wednesday Discipleship Groups: Wednesday 6:00pm: A place for kids to learn and grow in their faith by connecting with other kids focused on fellowship, teamwork, missions and Scripture memory.

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