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For Kids:

“If you are able to join us on campus during this time here are some things to expect while you are on campus:

Kids in Worship – Children of all ages will be sitting and worshipping with their parents in our worship center for the time being

Worship Bags – Our Connection Team will provide your child an activity bag designed to help them engage with worship in an impactful way.

Our Calvary Café will be open for Nursery – Pre K families should children need a break from the Worship Service. Our services will be live streamed in the Calvary Café for these families

We hope that these options provide you and your family with an incredible experience on campus worshipping with us.”

For Parents

Family Zoom Time

“Starting on Sunday, September 13th at 9:30am, we will be hosting Calvary Kids Family zoom for kids of all ages to participate with their parents. This time will be activity driven and include a game that your family can complete together during the zoom call. Led by our children’s Pastor our family zoom call will be a time of connection and fun for your entire family.”

JumpStart Worship


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