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We believe in the power of Groups. Why? Because life is better, together! Each Calvary Group is based on our Core Values: BEFORE GOD – We walk daily by His Spirit`s guidance IN COMMUNITY – We share life`s triumphs and struggles with one another ON MISSION – We fulfill God`s purposes for Kingdom Impact inside and outside of church by serving His People.

Calvary Groups are communities of faith who desire to grow in their knowledge of God and understand the vitality of walking life with others. Through in-depth Bible Studies, devoted moments of prayer, and fun fellowship events, Calvary Groups make life richer and fulfilled no matter what season of life you are in.

WHAT do Groups study? HOW does this work for my entire family? WHEN do Groups Meet?

Sunday Mornings @ 9am // Wednesday Nights @6pm

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Sunday Mornings @9am - The Gospel Project Bible Study Groups

These Calvary Groups dive into God`s Word through The Gospel Project which walks through each book of the Bible with life applications.

-Calvary Kids *Nursery / Pre K / K – 5th Grade

-Calvary Students *6th- 12th Grade

-College & Career

-Alexander Group *Young Families

-Wilson Group -Payton Group -Brubaker Group *Mixed Adult Groups

-Senior Adult Groups

Sunday Evenings: Off Campus at 5pm -Hart Group *Families with Kids

Sunday Mornings: On Campus at 9am

Wednesday Nights at 6pm - Midweek at Calvary

Topical Studies

These Calvary Groups dig into God`s Word through topical studies throughout the semester.

-Calvary Kids *Nursery / Pre K / K – 5th Grade Through games and interactive story time, our Calvary Kids are able to hear God`s Word and apply it to their lives.

-Calvary Students *6th- 12th Grade A time of fellowship through games gets this time started but it`s the Student-led worship and small group conversations that allow these Groups to really understand the power of scripture.

-Men`s Group -Women`s Group -Married Couples Group

-Financial Peace University Group* *Cost: $60

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