Good Friday

April 19th at 6:30pm


Lord`s Supper Service

The will be a wonderful moment to remember the sacrifice of Christ and to prepare for Easter Sunday.


Nursery – Student Activities

Nursery – Pre K 4 – Resurrection Egg Hunt

JumpStart K-5th Graders – Good Friday Walk Through

6th-12th Grade Students – Walk to the Cross with the Lord`s Supper


Easter Sunday

April 21st at 9:15/ 11am


Looking for a Breakthrough in your life?

Come and hear how Jesus gave us the Breakthrough we all desperately need through conquering the cross. This will be an engaging time of worship and celebration!


Kid Friendly activities during Worship

Nursery- Pre K 4 — Walk Through Easter Experience with a gift for every child

JumpStart K-5th Graders – Kid’s Egg Relay Races with a Resurrection Celebration

6th– 12th Grade Students — Egg Wars with the Great Donut Hole Mountain Challenge


Easter Egg Hunt after each Worship Service for our Pre K -5th grade



What should we bring for the Egg Hunt?
Your child`s Easter basket, but if you don`t have one we will provide one as well!
When I get to campus, where do I go?
Come through our parking lot located behind our Worship Center and Education Building. You will meet our Connection Team who will help guide you around campus to our Café’ where you can have fresh coffee and donuts as you make your way to our Worship Center. For our families, our Connection Team will take you to our Children`s Check-In Room to help get your kids checked into our children`s ministry where they will be in a secure and safe environment.
I have a lot of different aged family members. Will there be something for each person to enjoy?
Absolutely! We have engaging activities to help the youngest learn about Jesus while having fun. Our teenagers are able to hang out with their peers while learning and having a blast. And our adults always have a worship experience guaranteed to be impactful.