Joshua 3: “As soon as you see the ark of the covenant of the Lord your God being carried out by the Levitical priests, THEN you shall set out from your place and follow it.”

As LifeGroup leaders, many times we can think of our gatherings with our Groups as Bible study or as fellowship time with other believers. But, what if we began to think of ourselves as this passage in Joshua 3? 

In this passage, Joshua is leading the people of Israel towards the Promise Land and they encounter the Jordan river. Instead of going around the river, Joshua commanded the people to wait on the ark of the covenant to go before them and then follow it. And what happened? The Jordan river parted, similar to the Red Sea, and the people crossed on dry ground! Did you know there are two stories of parted waters in the Old Testament?

What would happen if we led our LifeGroup members toward waiting on the Presence of the Lord and then followed it? 

Dynamic small group meetings are more than Bible study and fellowship. They are encounters with a living Lord who has the power to do wonders among us.

Joshua 3:5 “Then Joshua said to the people, ‘Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do WONDERS among you.'”

As our first study of Connected reminded us, many times in our lives within the church we forget that we have access to this Presence. 

Are you leading your LifeGroup toward a experience with God? 


Some practical steps toward leading into the presence of the Lord:

1) Take time out of the routine for dynamic prayer. Instead of doing the same thing each week, maybe take some time out just to be silent and pray together. Even if this means the lesson gets abbreviated, it would be worth it to spend time before God.

2) Find room for musical worship in your group meetings. Does someone in your group have the gift of music? Maybe they could lead your group in a time of musical worship. Or perhaps you, as best as you can, can open by leading in a hymn of faith. Throughout Scripture, music has shown to have the power to lead us into the Presence of the Lord.

3) Share stories of God’s working through your week. Prep someone in your group to share about how God has worked in their life. Don’t just ask this in the middle of group time and wait on silence. Instead, approach someone and ask them to consider doing this. It’s amazing how they might look at their life differently that week in preparation to share. They might see God moving more than they would if they were not asked.

4) Plan group retreats for spiritual renewal. Maybe your group could find the time to get away and just focus on spiritual renewal. Maybe it’s a camping trip or someone has a house out of town that everyone could visit. Maybe it’s a night outside of LifeGroup time that could be spent focused on the Lord. If you can find the time, I would be more than happy to help plan it or even show up to lead the group in this time.