Connecting People into LifeGroups

There are numerous strategic ways to connect people into LifeGroups. Here are a few of those options:

Your LifeGroup!: One of the best ways to connect people into your LifeGroup is through an invite from you or one of your group members. Although we have developed a system for getting people into groups, the most effective way is through the personal invite from someone into the group!

From day one, you need to set the vision for the group to grow. Each LifeGroup should have a plan to multiply into two groups after 9-12 months of being together. The only way you can accomplish this is by inviting friends, family, neighbors, and other people you meet at Calvary.

GroupLink: At the beginning of the Fall and Spring studies, the church will host a GroupLink event designed to connect people into a group. All new members and guests from Welcome to Calvary and Membership Discovery will be invited to come to the event and join into a LifeGroup at the beginning of a study. These events will be strategic points for people to join your group rather than entering in the middle of a study. 

All LifeGroup leaders with space in their group will be asked to attend these events with a few group members and be prepared to meet people who will join your group.

LifeGroup Connection Team: Each Sunday, we will have 2 people who will work on connecting people into LifeGroups. Eventually, there will be a strategic booth devoted for LifeGroup connection. Until then, these people will be the point people for any guest who is interested in getting into a group. They will connect the guest by entering their information into our system along with their preference for LifeGroup meeting time and life stage. Then, the volunteer will connect the guest with the proper LifeGroup leader or group member in person. The new LifeGroup website will be focused on describing the vision for LifeGroups and connecting them to the right group. It will be the primary tool of connection as we publicize LifeGroups to the church body. For those who are motivated to find a group, the site will serve as a great tool to find a group and email the LifeGroup leader for info about their group.