The Childcare Question

LifeGroups are a group of people choosing to operate in community together. With this understanding, it is on the community of adults to decide how to handle their children. The LifeGroup leader is responsible for helping guide the conversation when the group first gathers and implement a proper strategy for childcare during the group meeting.

Off campus groups can help limit the amount of childcare time needed by including the children during the fellowship time and only have childcare for the 1hr lesson time.

Optional solutions for childcare:

  1. Every family (no matter if they have children or not) rotates and helps facilitate childcare by signing up for a week. If everyone participates, the family should only miss 1 lesson every 6 weeks (with a 12 person group).

  2. The group can brainstorm and use their connections to find a paid childcare solution and pool money together to pay for the childcare. Many times, the group can locate a youth in the church to bless with a little extra money. Or, it could be a babysitter than one group member uses. Your group may even decide to donate money toward a youth’s camp or DNow experience.

  3. The group can also find childcare and choose to use the reimbursement from the church. The childcare reimbursement is intended to help groups who can’t afford childcare, but want to use the option. It should only be used if there is no other option for the group to take care of their own childcare.

As a LifeGroup leader, you may have a great idea for solving the childcare obstacle. If so, please let the LifeGroup pastor know so that he can include it in future options for leaders.

Fill out the childcare reimbursement form here