CalvaryLeader: Multiplying Your Lifegroup

As a part of our “In Community” strategy, LifeGroups will always be multiplying to increase our capacity to reach people and help them feel a part of the body life at Calvary. Multiplying is not about more LifeGroups, but about creating space for new people to find opportunities to engage in the LifeGroup ministry.

When your group begins to average 12 participants (and no more than 10-15 children), it is time to prepare your group for multiplication. When you multiply, you will be given the opportunity for half your group to join with a new leader and location each week. This allows new leadership to develop in LifeGroup ministry and keeps the group size small enough for people to feel comfortable sharing and opening up during group sessions.

Your “roster” size will not determine this decision. For various reasons, we see only half to three-quarters of people attending on a regular basis in LifeGroups. So, you should only consider your average number of people per meeting as a determining factor for multiplication.

When you set the vision for multiplication, begin to pray for the new location (host home) and the new leader. You may have an apprentice that you have developed who is ready to lead. I would encourage you to allow him to stay with the existing group and the established leader to launch into the new location and group. God will lead and open doors for the multiplication. We just ask our leaders to be open and vision casters in this area.