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Multiplying Your Group

CalvaryLeader: Multiplying Your Lifegroup

As a part of our “In Community” strategy, LifeGroups will always be multiplying to increase our capacity to reach people and help them feel a part of the body life at Calvary. Multiplying is not about more LifeGroups, but about creating space for new people to find opportunities to engage in the LifeGroup ministry.

When your group begins to average 12 participants (and no more than 10-15 children), it is time to prepare your group for multiplication. When you multiply, you will be given the opportunity for half your group to join with a new leader and location each week. This allows new leadership to develop in LifeGroup ministry and keeps the group size small enough for people to feel comfortable sharing and opening up during group sessions.

Your “roster” size will not determine this decision. For various reasons, we see only half to three-quarters of people attending on a regular basis in LifeGroups. So, you should only consider your average number of people per meeting as a determining factor for multiplication.

When you set the vision for multiplication, begin to pray for the new location (host home) and the new leader. You may have an apprentice that you have developed who is ready to lead. I would encourage you to allow him to stay with the existing group and the established leader to launch into the new location and group. God will lead and open doors for the multiplication. We just ask our leaders to be open and vision casters in this area.


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Leading A Discussion

CalvaryLeader: Some Tips of Leading a Discussion


  1. Serve as a Facilitator, not a lecturer.
  2. Your goal is to encourage personal interaction among group members.
  3. Try not to be overly directive or too passive.
  4. Focus on what Scripture or study has to say and not on you as the Facilitator.
  5. Maintain an atmosphere of love and acceptance.
  6. Never put down a person’s comments or contribution.
  7. Ask open-ended questions (not answered by “yes” or “no”).
  8. Encourage involvement.
  9. Call on non-participants by name to respond.
  10. Stimulate discussion using active feedback to responses. 
    For example: Acknowledge responses to questions and ask follow-up questions to clarify general or vague responses
  11. Encourage application. 
    For example, ask: “What can we do as a result of this point?”
  12. Keep the discussion on track. 
  13. Suggest new issues be “tabled” until you finish your present discussion.
  14. Summarize the main ideas that are presented to keep the group focused.
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Starting A Lifegroup

CalvaryLeader: Starting a LifeGroup

If you are a leader who has either approached Pastor Beau or been targeted to start a new lifegroup, here are the steps to launching a successful group:

  1. Begin to pray for who God will place in your group
  2. Contact Pastor Beau and let him know of your interest
  3. Prepare yourself for leadership by accessing the various leadership training resources provide on
  4. Meet with Pastor Beau and confirm your request to lead a LifeGroup
  5. Begin to target people in the church family who are without a LifeGroup and invite them to either the Fall or Spring GroupLink event
  6. Attend the GroupLink event and meet with your new group members to determine when you will meet (already have some suggestions prepared as you come)
  7. Hold your first group meeting using the guidelines in the next section
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Leadership Qualifications

CalvaryLeader: Leadership Qualifications and Expectations


LifeGroup Leader Qualifications:

– Confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior and have been baptized
– Be an active member of Calvary Baptist Church
– Regard the Bible as the God-spoken authoritative guide in your life and faith
– Hold to the stated vision and core values of Calvary Baptist Church
– Agree to come into the Calvary LifeGroups Ministry leadership structure
– Grow in your personal life according to BIO principles and lead by example


LifeGroup Leader Expectations:

– Share the load! Build a leadership team within your group. You are not expected (nor can you) do it alone
– Facilitate transformational group meetings. Go in the direction of the study, but be sensitive to where God is leading your group
– Shepherd the members of your group
– Complete the group agreement and help facilitate clear communication on the direction for the group
– Commit to grow as a LifeGroup leader through opportunities offered by Calvary
– Develop an apprentice, agreeing to share what you learn with someone else


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Calvary Leader: Vision

Welcome to one of the most vital ministry training guides offered at Calvary Baptist Church! I want you to grasp the importance of the resource you have in your hand. Every week new people show up at Calvary searching for the hope only found in Jesus Christ. They are faces in a crowd waiting to see if they will be noticed and invited in. They are also looking to see if our relationships are genuine and if there is room in our family for them (John 13:35). Life Groups are the ministry arm which helps people connect within the Calvary family! 

This training guide is essential for you to be effective as a Life Group leader. As Pastor at Calvary, I have a Vision to see the people of the church become everyday followers of Christ. That process begins with our powerful worship experience. However, you are a key component of making that vision a reality! By your faithfulness to receiving instruction and reaching out to people, you are helping accomplish God’s purpose at Calvary in New Orleans. That is not to be taken lightly, and great leadership is required!

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Why Groups?


As a leader, there are some days where I’m sure you ask “Why am I doing this?” Let’s be real honest- it’s challenging to lead a LifeGroup. People have issues and challenges. There’s a weekly pressure of preparing for a group study, communication to group members, and planning events. Leading can be challenging and sometimes we may reach the end of a LifeGroup season wondering what all the effort is for.

During this season walking through Hebrews with Pastor Michael, we have encountered Hebrews 10:24-25 which says, “And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.” Apparently for the writer of Hebrews, the gathering of the local church was of primary importance.  And, although our large worship gatherings are very encouraging and beneficial, these gatherings alone cannot accomplish everything in this short passage concerning encouraging one another.

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